The Purpose of the survey is to find and document Extension Dark gene carriers within the American breed, and to determine whether or not breeding Blue American rabbits to Black American rabbits without the Extension Dark gene can influence the depth of color in a Blue line and why or why not that is so. The hypothesis is that, because the relationship between Dense and Dilute is completely dominant-recessive rather than incompletely so, breeding Blue Rabbits to Black rabbits cannot influence the depth of color in a Blue line without the interference of a secondary gene such as Chinchilla Light, Chinchilla Medium, Chinchilla Dark, Steel, and/or Extension Dark.

About the Survey

The Blues and Blacks currently in the Burrows are the beginning of an informal survey on American Blue genetics in North America following the reformation of the Breed Club in 2009. The American rabbit fell out of favor not very long after it's original conception in 1917. As interest renewed in the early 2000's, the American rabbits that remained were crossed back out to the breeds believed to have been used in the 1900's to reestablish the breed. I'm looking for three things :

  1. What has been the impact of out crossing on the color genetics of the modern American rabbit?
  2. Are there modern American rabbits still carrying the Extension Dominant/Dark gene?
  3. Can an empirical connection can be found between breeding Black rabbits into Blue lines and darker Blues, and if so what is the reason?


All rabbits will be photographed under identical conditions with ear numbers obscured.

Current Litters

Blue Buck 1aaB_CcddE_ 9 lbs  x  Blue Doe 1 aaB_CcddES_  9.5 lbs

3 Ruby-Eyed Whites, 5 Blues

Blue Buck 1aaB_CcddE_ 9 lbs  x  Blue Doe 2Blue Doe aaB_C_ddE_  -- lbs

4 Blues

Expected American Litters






Blue Buck 1aaB_CcddE_ 9 lbs  x  Pip's “Angel”Opal French Angora Doe AaBbC_ddEe  9.5 lbs Born: 3/10/2015

Goal: Test Blue Buck 1 for Steel
March 2016