About The Flock

Seven Shetland Sheep live on Pip & Arrow Farm. Three came from Sweet Tree Hill Farm in Virginia at the end of June 2014. Black Walnut, or “Wally”, is a very friendly mioget ram. Miss Daisy is a white ilget ewe and Frankie is a white wether. Daisy gave birth to two white flecket ewe lambs, Sippy and Sneak, in April 2015. Deerie, a moorit katmoget ewe lamb, and Henry, a black yearling ram, joined us from Praise Song Farm in May 2015. Paperclip, a white Gulf Coast Native ram lamb, arrived in July 2015 from Broad River Pastures. The sheep are guarded by two llamas, Starsky and Hutch, who came here from Tennessee via the amazing coordinators at Southeastern Llama Rescue.

The flock itself is not registered, but the founding stock are all registered with the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association and the Gulf Coast Sheep Breeders Association, respectively. Pip & Arrow runs a Shetland flock, a Gulf Coast flock, and a mixed flock every third year. The 2016 lambs will be mixed.