The Pipinarrow Rabbitry produces quality French Angora woolers and American Blues of well-conformed build and even temperament. Our goal is not necessarily to produce a show table rabbit, but to use the ARBA Standard of Perfection together with thoughtful, selective breeding to raise rabbits which are healthy, happy, and excellent fiber producers.

American Rabbits




{Fall 2015}

Why French Angoras?

Because Pip & Arrow is working towards fiber production, the Angora rabbit was an obvious choice for the farm. The French Angora in particular is known to shed its coat every 3-4 months, eliminating the need for shearing. Of the four Angora breeds, the French is also one of the easiest to maintain, having no facial furnishings and generally possessing a higher ratio of guard hairs, which help to reduce matting.

The French Angora is a large, docile rabbit originally bred as a dual-purpose animal. They provided their owners with not only a warm and luxurious wool, but also meat for the table. This made the French Angora an excellent homesteading breed, and it continues to be a popular choice among farmers and fanciers alike.

About Pipinarrow Angora

The Angoras raised here are not selected for a typical show coat. The wool on these rabbits is shorter, more lively, and cotton-like when compared to competitive show coats. Wool and color are of primary concern, after health, but the ARBA Standard of Perfection is also carefully consulted when selecting rabbits for breeding. It is important to note that you will be getting a very particular type of wool on a Pipinarrow rabbit. It is not a wool that is favored on the show table, but is much easier to maintain in a colony setting and to work with as a fiber.

Why Heritage Breeds?

Because more than 90% of our country's farms are large industrial-scale factory farms housing modern production breeds. These breeds were created from “heritage” stock, and that founding stock is now disappearing at a precipitous rate. With them goes their disease resistance, heat tolerance, thriftiness, and other beneficial traits which allowed these animals to survive over the centuries without the use of antibiotics and artificial supplements. Pip & Arrow believes that it is important to preserve these traits found among heritage breeds, many of which are now considered by the Livestock Conservancy to be critically endangered.

American Blues are a heritage breed. Pip & Arrow does not currently sell American rabbits, but actively promotes the breed for homesteads, 4-H projects, and small farms. If you are farming in the Southeast region and are interested in including Americans as part of your farm or homestead, I would be delighted to help you connect with a breeder, or to find, purchase, and transport rabbits on your behalf. Please contact me for more information.

Current Litters

Young rabbits are evaluated on a case by case basis beginning at 8 weeks of age. Every planned litter is listed here, but not all litters will be made available. When considering a rabbit from a Steel or Vienna litter, please be prepared to provide some information about your barn's program as these rabbits may not be the best fit for many barns. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Rabbitry is closed until 2017.
Inquiries about available rabbits will not be returned during this time. If you need an American rabbit transported however, I will be happy to help if I can.