About the Gaggle

In April 2014, I purchased two pair of Cotton Patch Geese from Worth It Farms. One gander was retained at large on the farm.

In January 2015, I travelled to two fiber farms in Houston and Bastrop, Texas delivering Angora rabbits. I stopped by Dr. Tom Walker's farm in Bastrop, Texas and purchased three pair of geese from Dr Walker. These geese constitute the market gardens' first full-time weeder geese.

Program Goals

Geese on the farm will be selected with the following criteria:

  1. Thriftiness - Birds should thrive on pasture with zero input during the growing season, and minimal grains or garden scraps in winter.
  2. Heat and Humidity Tolerance - Birds should be able to cope with an Alabama summer with minimal interference.
  3. Prolificacy - Birds should successfully hatch and raise at least one clutch per year.
  4. Conformation and Coloring - Birds should be sound of wing and foot. They should be excellent fliers with sleek, lobe-less bodies and elegant necks. Bills are smooth and pink with no orange and no knob. Ganders with grey “lacing” on the flight feathers are preferred here (personal preference).
  5. Sexlink - Ganders should be identifiable at birth, white with minimal gray feathering confined to the wings and tail-feathers, if any. Ganders should have blue or blue/grey eyes. Geese should have solid grey coloring and brown or grey eyes.
  6. Size - Ganders should be no more than 10lbs. Geese should weigh between 8-9lbs.
  7. Temperament - Geese should work well around people without being distracted by them. Aggressive birds not selected for breeding, though mothers who protect their young and ganders who defend against predators are preferred.
  8. Genetic Diversity - I am always interested to hear about Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia flocks that have existed in relative isolation and that may contain birds which meet these criteria. If you know of a flock containing birds for sale that appear to be as described above, please contact me here.

Sales Policy

No sales of live birds will be conducted prior to the year 2018. Thank you for your understanding.

If the program is successful, then the farm will very occasionally have adult geese for sale to working farms and homesteads.Adult geese will be available in breeding pairs for $75 per pair or trade. Only birds that adhere to the farm's Program Goals will be made available or accepted as trade.

Please note that Pip & Arrow is not a member of the APA or breed clubs and does not work toward any breed standard beyond the farm's own Program Goals. These geese were selected for their gentle nature and historical connection to Alabama farms and in an effort to conserve and maintain that connection.

For those who track “lines”, the geese currently at Pip & Arrow are from Tom Walker's farm. They are believed to be drawn heavily from the stock of a Mr Castleberry of Arkansas, however, Dr Walker's records were lost in the Bastrop County Complex Fire prior to my interaction with him and no definitive information regarding individual birds could be tracked.