The Pipinarrow Rabbitry produces quality French Angora woolers and American Blues of well-conformed build and even temperament. Our goal is not necessarily to produce a show table rabbit, but to use the ARBA Standard of Perfection together with thoughtful, selective breeding to raise rabbits which are healthy, happy, and excellent fiber producers.

French Angora Rabbits Available for Sale or Trade

For details about purchasing rabbits from Pip & Arrow Farm, please visit the Terms of Sale page.

Pip & Arrow does not sell pets, and instead advocates humane, small-scale rabbit husbandry as a sustainable source of wool, fur, meat, and fertilizer. If you are looking for a house rabbit, please contact your local rescue organization or animal shelter. Our nearest recommended shelters:
Shelby County Humane Society
Greater Birmingham Humane Society

No individuals available at this time.

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