Price List

Barnyard Mix Breed
Roosters: $10
Cockerels: $5
Started Pullets: $20
Straight Run Chicks: $2

Fertilized Hatching Eggs:
Barnyard Mix
$10 per dozen + shipping
Buff Orpington
$10 per dozen + shipping
Lavender Orpington
$40 per dozen + shipping

None available

More Information

About Our Flock

Chickens and rabbits are the backbone of Pip & Arrow Farm. The coop is located right at the heart of the property. When not working in the pastures, the chickens turn up the compost and manure, forage in the woods, set on eggs, and raise our young chicks. We occasionally have chicks (straight run only), pullets, laying hens, cockerels, and roosters available for on-farm pick up or local delivery only.

Barnyard mix hatching eggs are available for shipping year-round, but production is lower in the winter months. Barnyard breeds include: Buff, Black, and Lavender Orpington, Rhode Island Red (Modern & Heritage), Golden Sexlink, Ameraucana, Black Copper Marans, and crosses thereof.

Breed-specific hatching eggs are available for a limited time in the late fall and late spring of each year. Fall orders should be arranged by October 1. Spring orders should be arranged by April 1.

We are not a commercial hatchery. We do not use artificial lighting to influence laying, but allow the hens to lay on their own schedule in a natural rythm of rest and production. Broodies hatch and raise all our chicks. Hatch rates are therefore naturally unpredictable. Please email to check availability and schedule orders.

Pantry Eggs

We sell clean, unwashed, unrefrigerated eggs from free-roaming chickens for $2.50 per half dozen and $4 per dozen at our farm gate. Duck eggs, which are excellent for baking, are occasionally available by request for $3 by the half dozen. Delivery available to the Birmingham area. Contact me by email or call 205. 678. 6001 to place an order and schedule an egg drop.